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The backpack,
every dog ​​needs!

A breathtaking concept

The MountainRock Backpack by TARIGS is the perfect backpack for all city slicker or nature lover. Whether with a dog or a cat, your beloved four-legged friend will surely enjoy it and accompany you on every adventure! The Backpack MountainRock – we took care of every detail. No escapades and no hurdles – whether hiking or cycling, a trip by bus or train, a long walk with the young or old four-legged friend and much more … you are always together on the road! The dog carrier backpack for dogs and cats up to 12 kg / 27 lbs.


Dog carrier backpack for
dogs up to 12 kg / 27 lbs

The perfect backpack for small and medium dogs up to 12 kg / 27 lbs.
Size of 30cm x 50cm x 25cm / 12″ x 20″ x 10″ (width x height x depth).

Everything for the comfort

Because fresh air is always good

The MountainRock Backpack by TARIGS has everything! High quality materials in combination with an unbeatable design. The numerous, ergonomically shaped details make the dog carrier backpack an absolute must-have for all dog owners of small to medium-sized dogs up to 12 kg / 27 lbs! Padded shoulder straps, padded back, back and chest strap. In addition, the dog carrier backpack still has two removable metal rods. These ensure that the backpack, no matter which seat position your fur nose takes, it sits perfectly.



The backpack has numerous storage options. It was ensured that your fur nose, no matter how full you stuff the backpack, has enough space. The dog carrier backpack has an inside and an outside pocket with zipper. There are also two more mesh pockets on the side. Enough space for your fur nose and your food!


Soft padded shoulder straps for a perfect fit. A well padded back with two removable metal bars. These ensure that the back of the backpack always stays straight, that does not bend and does not press into your back. Hip and chest straps also ensure that you can adjust the backpack individually.


The dog carrier backpack has 5 air holes on each side. These serve for ventilation and also ensure good air circulation. Of course, the MountainRock Backpack also has a roll-up and fixable window made of 3D mesh. Safety first! Therefore, we recommend you always secure your dog with harness on the tether.


Take a shower, ready!

Also, for four-legged litterbugs

If your fur nose once rolled in the mud? No problem! Shower the MountainRock Backpack at home, using only clear water, and hang it up to dry. The extremely light and at the same time very robust 650 PVC material makes every tour! It is insensitive, looks cool and is also water repellent. The backpack protects your four-legged from wet and makes it possible to simply rinse off the backpack when it is dirty. Please note, however, the backpack is not 100 percent waterproof. This is simply not possible because your fur nose must get enough air even if the is window closed. And where air comes in, water comes in as well.

Choose your favorite style

At the moment you can choose between two cool colors for dogs up to 12 kg / 27 lbs


Dog carrier backpack for
dogs up to 12 kg / 27 lbs

The perfect backpack for small and medium dogs up to 12 kg / 27 lbs.
Intelligent design paired with lightweight & durable materials!

Accessories for your backpack

Harnesses are an absolute must for us at MountainRock Backpack!

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Abbildung: Outdoor Geschirr in neongrün für Hunde

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